Best Practices for Preparing End User Training

Best Practices for Preparing End User Training

After completion of implementation processes such as Analysis, Design, Development, and Testing, the next crucial implementation process is to train users to adapt to the new software. How quick and how the efficiency of the users’ acceptance of new software depends on how well they have been trained.

It is important to recognize that there is a transition and learning period for end-users to change their current processes into the new ones as part of the new software. In order to prevent resistance to change and to accelerate user adoption, best practices are recommended.

1. Understanding the users
Know your users. Understand their background and experience. Communication would be much easier.

2. Setting up training goals
Provide the required skill level training. Most users would have a specific role in the execution of the application and they only need to be trained for that piece

3. Training delivery methods
Deliver training inappropriate methods as much as possible. Some users prefer hands-on classroom-style instructor-led training and some users prefer self-paced learning. Choosing the right delivery method will provide positive results.

4. Creating a training material and program
Tailor training material to meet user needs; too much material or too little material may produce negative results. Some key points when developing the training materials should be used.
· Outline the table of contents with the clear learning objective for each section with a hyperlink to help navigation.
· Provide a brief description of the learning objective in each section before the training procedures. Users at least know ahead what they would learn from the section.
· Use screenshots with step by step procedure to let users familiar with the software and a picture is worth a thousand words.
· Use simple English and short sentences for the training procedure.

5. Providing feedback after training
Get feedback after the training. There would always be room for improvement.

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