COVID 19 – How Delbridge Can Help and Deliver

COVID 19 – How Delbridge Can Help and Deliver

Delbridge Solutions is here to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our main priorities during these turbulent times are ensuring the best conditions for our employees, clients, and your business. We know how important business continuity is for you and how worldwide authorities’ recommendations can have a remarkable impact on an international company, as we are also adapting to the current environment.

However, limited physical contact and precautionary measures should not jeopardize your business continuity, nor the quality of our support regarding the provided services.

How can we support you during this time?

We have performed over 90% of our implementations remotely in the last year and it has been the most effective approach for all parties. Regardless of what country or environment our consultants work from, it has been proved that remote communication means daily support, as we know you may have questions and face new challenges every day. When we promised you unrivaled support for your software implementation process, we knew there is no fixed schedule for assistance, as every business is different and every new project means new challenges.

With that in mind, please note that all our consultants are fully equipped to continue to work with you remotely during this time via:

  • Regular web meetings and conference calls
  • Remote access to your environment on the cloud and/or via a VPN
  • Virtual product training
  • Continuous touchpoints with Project Managers and Sponsors to ensure alignment and adapt to changes

Delbridge’s Virtual Implementation Methodology:

COVID-19 doesn’t mean that your organization’s goals are in jeopardy. We are ready to help you start new cost-saving projects and, more importantly, help you adapt to the next period, as we are aware of how difficult coordinating new projects can be during such a changing environment. Our services team has the experience to implement your solution fully remotely. Below are the key phases of our methodology:

Requirements Gathering & Design

  • Joint Application Design (“JAD”) sessions for your new implementation can be conducted remotely in a robust and timely fashion, without being affected by the current situation.
  • JAD session can also be split into manageable 3-4 hours timeslots according to your team’s availability as well as in consideration of
  • Solution Design and Business Requirements Documentation review cycles are traditionally performed remotely via online collaboration tools


  • Delbridge Solution is ready to leverage video conference meetings and pre-packaged case studies in order to deliver the product training in a remote fashion
  • Delbridge Solutions will work with you to ensure the delivery of printed copies of the training material


  • Configuration of the solution is typically conducted remotely even during normal times
  • Daily scrum calls are recommended in order to ensure the remote client and vendor teams collaborate and align regularly
  • Enablement of your team is key: Video conference and web (screen share) meetings are leveraged to help visualize the configuration work and carry out enablement of your team
  • Knowledge Transfer: KT sessions will be held online and recorded for future reference

Test & Deploy

  • Similar to the Build phase, collaboration tools will be used in order to provide defect management and help support testing of the solution
  • Daily scrum meetings are required to ensure alignment and have remote teams work in concert with each other

Business as usual

We wanted to make it clear from the beginning that our consultants are fully equipped to continue to work with you remotely, using the best and most tailored solutions for your projects, as there has always been the case with Delbridge Solutions. That being said, please have in mind that if the new standards imposed by this unusual and restrictive environment take a toll on your resources, we are here to make things easier for you by helping with the following aspects:

  • Managed Services: Delbridge can fully support your platform and provide maintenance to allow you to focus on your business, and not worry about the technical details of your platform.
  • Staff Augmentation: As your key resources are busy with steering the Business, we can provide you support with Consulting, Solution Design, and Project & Program Management.

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Delbridge is a privately held global company with offices in Canada,  USA, Costa Rica, Romania, and Ukraine. 

We offer solutions for Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Data Privacy & Compliance, Data Engineering & Analytics, and Anomaly & Fraud Detection.


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