Data Privacy and Compliance

We help companies gain a consolidated view of their corporate risk and comply with regulators leveraging our data privacy and enterprise GRC solutions.

Delbridge has partnered with Data Sentinel to deliver a new and revolutionary approach to Data Privacy and Compliance.

Data Sentinel is a sensitive data discovery, classification, audit, and risk reporting platform. It runs persistently within the enterprise, constantly monitoring and reporting on your sensitive data risk profile.

Purpose Built AI/ML

Policy-Led Reporting

Fast and Scalable

Always On


Zero Data Movement

Data Privacy and Compliance – The Tough Questions That We Can Help Answer

What Sensitive Data Do You Have?

Structured data, unstructured data, documents, cloud, and on-premises sources. Where is it and what is it?

How Do You Know When It Changes?

Is PII data being added? If so, to where? Is it changing? Becoming riskier in its form? How can you keep track of it?

Who Has Access to It?

Throughout the enterprise, within systems and endpoint devices. Who has access to this sensitive data?

Is Your Sensitive Data at Risk?

As part of corporate risk management, what is the cost of a failure in data security or breach? Failure of regulatory compliance with data privacy laws?

Data Privacy and Compliance

Data Sentinel – An AI-Driven, Active, Sensitive Data Management Platform

Data Sentinel is a sensitive data discovery, classification, audit, and risk reporting platform. It runs persistently within the enterprise, constantly monitoring and reporting on your sensitive data risk profile.

Data Sentinel helps data-driven companies improve efficiency, build customer service, and generate new revenues while minimizing corporate risk.

Data Sentinel uses AI to detect PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PHI (Protected Health Information) data and scores and reports on any toxic combination, persistently.

What Makes Data Sentinel Unique?

Purpose-Built AI / ML

Our AI/ML purpose-built application learns and improves as time goes on.

Policy-Led Reporting

Alerts you of data policy infractions throughout the entire information management lifecycle.

Fast and Scalable

Data Sentinel is infinitely scalable. Engineered to perform in large and complex organizations.

Scans All Data

We scan every data element. Structured, semi-structured, unstructured, images – all sources, all locations.

Always On

We monitor and alert you of sensitive data policy infractions in near real-time with our persistent monitoring architecture.


Data Sentinel is designed to be integrated into GRC Applications, Privacy Management Systems, and Data Governance platforms. 

Sensitive Data

You define what sensitive data means for your organization. PII/PHI, Trade Secrets, Employee Data, Operational Information.

Zero Data Movement

The data does not move and is not changed in any way.

Primary Features and Functionality

ML / AI Sensitive Data Discovery, and Classification

Assess sensitive data using AI & ML privacy-specific algorithms. Find, classify, and risk rate all the data in your enterprise without concern of human error or omission.

Active Sensitive Data Discovery, Classification, and Reporting

Keep watch on your data where it exists. Our software processes the data in place. We never move or store private data.

Score and Report on Current Data Risk

Understand the nature of your sensitive data and score your risk. Report to compliance leadership on the overall company data stores and per data source.

Protect and Anonymize your Sensitive Data

Anonymize to protect sensitive data while still allowing analysts or data scientists to do their work. Structured, unstructured, images, PDFs, etc.

Audit Data Quality – Discover Root Cause of Data Quality Issues

Discover inconsistencies in your data and understand the root cause of data quality issues. Understand the quality of your data over time.

Autonomous Business Rule Creation

ML-based, autonomously generated, comprehensive data quality rules and data controls that can be ported to your catalog / data quality / MDM tools.

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