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IBM Cognos Controller Implementation

It provides a complete self-service web platform for financial statement reporting, financial reporting and analysis, planning, and scorecard. IBM Cognos Controller helps you connect business users to the right financial data to drive smarter decisions for a better business outcome.

Do you fancy software that may close, consolidate, and report your business processes? IBM Cognos Controller is heading your way!

Be amazed by the agility and affordability of a cloud-based solution. An IBM Cognos Controller implementation for your finance department enables you to automate and accelerate your financial close and consolidation process. Delbridge Solutions is a trusted IBM partner and will deliver results, create informative reports, and provide your CFO with an advanced view of key financial metrics.

Automating your consolidation process will definitely save time for you while simplifying the task of providing certified financial information. Here are some of the key functions you can manage better: intercompany eliminations, currency conversion, managing minority interest calculations, allocations, and more.

Keep in mind that with IBM Cognos Controller software, you will be able to manage your own solution, thus gaining flexibility in defining, maintaining changing rules and processes without coding, scripting, or complex language. Book a Consultation right now!

IBM Cognos Controller is an outstanding solution for tracking process flow throughout the consolidation process as well as monitoring the performance of subsidiary reporting with fancy built-in workflow and status reporting options. It has multiple features such as data integration, reporting, analytics, dashboarding, etc.

In order to view or create reports, analyze, and monitor events and metrics, our IBM Cognos Controller support can be useful.

If training is required so that your team can make effective business decisions, Delbridge Solutions is ready to help you out. IBM Cognos Controller software is a web service technology that, like SOAP and XML, has a fully independent platform and is scalable.

So does the IBM Cognos Controller cloud require coding? The short answer is no. However, it has very broad functionality and if needed, you can create complex reports by using basic coding. 

How come you’re still not our client? We have a full load of IBM Cognos Controller Training / Managed Services / Support options at your service. Book a Consultation right now!

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Let our team help you manage your solution as an augmentation of your staff.  We will provide production support and enhancement, just like an internal staff member.

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Once you are live, we are here to support you with ad-hoc support as needed. We will make sure our team is ready to help you at all times.

Production Support

Let our team help you manage your solution as an augmentation of your staff.  We will provide production support and enhancement, just like an internal staff member.

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