Meet Delbridge at NCLGBA Conference

Meet Delbridge at NCLGBA Conference

Thursday, December 10th, 2015
3:25 – 4:15pm

Next Generation Budgeting Solutions for the Public

Sector Windsor A
Presenter: Harjot Ghai, Delbridge Solutions; Patty Labadie

Still using Excel for budgeting or tired of your budgeting solution? Ever wondered what else is out there? Afraid to commit your precious resources to a system that doesn’t meet your needs? Well, this session will attempt to answer all of those questions and more! Join two solution oriented professionals who will explore the changing landscape of public sector budgeting solutions, by concentrating on current technology issues, exploring where the industry is heading and discuss the do’s and don’ts of budget system exploration.

To learn more about NCLGBA, visit their website for more details on the conference.

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