OneStream SPM

OneStream SPM is the only Sales Performance Management Solution that is 100% built on top of the Onestream platform.

Our unique approach delivers a full integration between sales and financial business processes to gain a comprehensive view of the company’s performance all within a single platform (OneStream).

Introducing OneStream SPM

Streamline Your Sales Operations and Incentive Compensation Management

Save time and money with our comprehensive SPM solution built on the powerful OneStream Platform. Our solution automates Sales Operation and Incentive Compensation Management, leveraging the existing data management, security, and workflow functionalities you have established with your Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system.

Seamless Integration: With the OneStream Platform, we seamlessly integrate with your CPM system, allowing you to maximize efficiency and eliminate the need for separate systems. Leverage your established workflows, reporting, and dashboards in a single platform, creating a cohesive and comprehensive view of your business.

CPM and SPM on the same platform

Unlocking the Power of a Unified Platform: Revolutionize Your Performance Management

Experience the transformative benefits of leveraging a single platform for both Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Sales Performance Management (SPM). 

By integrating these crucial functions, organizations can unlock new levels of efficiency, cost savings, and insights.

1. Automated Efficiency Across Sales & Finance: Streamline your operations by automating critical processes across sales and finance. Our integrated SPM and CPM solutions empower your team to drive sales and revenue growth by automating incentive compensation calculations, sales data management, and workflow approvals. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to increased efficiency.

2. Drive Cost Savings: Maximize your return on investment by utilizing the power of the OneStream Platform for both SPM and CPM. Say goodbye to the complexities and costs of integrating multiple systems. By leveraging a single platform, you can streamline implementation and reduce maintenance efforts, resulting in significant cost savings.

3. Unparalleled Insights: Harness the power of robust reporting and dashboard capabilities to gain deep insights into both sales performance and overall corporate performance. Make informed, data-driven decisions by tracking key performance metrics and identifying areas for improvement. Optimize your sales strategies and achieve greater success.

4. Experience the Synergy: Embrace the power of a unified platform that seamlessly integrates your CPM and SPM needs. Say goodbye to siloed data and disconnected processes. By leveraging the integrated power of OneStream, you can revolutionize your performance management and drive your organization toward greater success.

Experience the Power of OneStream: Discover how our SPM Solution can transform your sales operations and incentive compensation management. Drive efficiency, enhance collaboration, and unlock the full potential of your sales team with the integrated power of OneStream.

Contact us to get started today and unleash the true potential of your sales performance management with the OneStream SPM Solution or download our brochures below:

Sales Operation Management

Our comprehensive Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution includes essential features to optimize your sales operations. With our SPM solution, you have the tools to drive sales effectiveness and enhance performance tracking while driving efficiency between your sales and finance teams.  With our platform, you gain robust:

1. Payee Management capabilities to efficiently handle commission calculations, track payouts, and ensure accurate and timely payments to your sales team. 

2. Territory Management empowers you to define and manage sales territories, enabling fair distribution of accounts and resources. 

3. Quota Planning and Management functionalities enable you to set realistic sales targets, monitor progress, and align performance with goals. With our SPM solution, you have the tools to drive sales effectiveness, enhance performance tracking, and incentivize your sales force for exceptional results.

Incentive Compensation Management

Our comprehensive Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution encompasses a range of vital components to optimize your sales operations. With our platform, you gain robust:

1. Compensation Credit Management capabilities, enabling you to accurately track and allocate sales credit among team members. 

2. Commission Calculations to streamline calculation and management of commissions, ensuring fair and transparent compensation for your sales force. 

3. Bonus Management provides comprehensive support for managing bonuses, allowing you to reward exceptional performance and motivate your team. 

4. Sales Cost Accounting features to accurately track and analyze sales-related expenses to ensure compliance with ASC606 and enable better financial planning and resource allocation. 

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