The Budgeting Process at Big West Oil: Spreadsheet Complexity to Streamlined Efficiency with Vena


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Challenges Before Vena

Fragmented Budgeting System

  • The budgeting process was managed through 42 separate Excel spreadsheets, leading to a fragmented and cumbersome financial planning framework.
  • The reliance on Excel templates introduced significant limitations, making the budgeting process prone to errors and inconsistencies.

Version Control Issues

  • The inefficient version control led to confusion over changes and updates to budgeting documents, coupled with a high risk of template disruption. Unintended inputs by users could easily corrupt the data structure, further complicating the budgeting process.

Data Integration Complications

  • The process involved an upload mechanism using hidden tabs to simplify data for integration into a SQL table for reporting, which was vulnerable to version control issues, requiring manual communication for any data changes.
  • A manual and complex data load process created inefficiencies in consolidating and reporting financial data.

Operational Inefficiencies

  • Annually creating and updating templates was labor-intensive. This limited additional analysis and creation of additional budgeting scenarios was limiting financial processes.

Delbridge’s Approach

Delbridge played a pivotal role in addressing Big West Oil’s budgeting and financial management challenges through a comprehensive and hands-on implementation process. Our approach was characterized by close collaboration, tailored solutions, and strategic planning to ensure a seamless transition to the Vena system.

”We had hands on help from Delbridge to train two individuals in creating and manipulating templates. The templates also provided views into historical budget and actual data for reference.”

Jon Dahlin, Controller

The implementation process of Vena for Big West Oil by Delbridge was comprehensive and involved several strategic phases:

  1. Hands-On Training and Template Development: Delbridge provided personalized training for Big West Oil’s team, focusing on the creation and manipulation of budgeting templates. This ensured that the team could effectively utilize the new system from the outset. Our consultants worked alongside Big West Oil’s IT department to facilitate the daily upload of accounting data from the company’s ERP system into Vena, enhancing the accuracy and timeliness of financial data.
  2. Customized Financial Templates: Delbridge collaborated with Big West Oil to develop specialized templates for operating and administrative expense cost centers. These templates were designed to include only active General Ledger (GL) accounts relevant to each cost center, streamlining the budgeting process. The templates also incorporated views into historical budget figures and actual financial data, providing a comprehensive reference for more informed budget planning and analysis.
  3. Enhanced Reporting for Executive Review: A key component of Delbridge’s approach was improving the reporting capabilities for Big West Oil. The team focused on creating reports that summarized budget data efficiently, enabling executive leadership to review financial performance and make strategic decisions with greater insight.
  4. Continuous Improvement and Feedback: Post-implementation, Delbridge maintained an ongoing relationship with Big West Oil to gather feedback, provide updates, and make continuous improvements to the system. This approach ensured that the Vena solution remained aligned with Big West Oil’s evolving needs.

Delbridge’s proficiency was instrumental in revolutionizing Big West Oil’s budgeting and financial reporting framework, resulting in a system that is not only more streamlined and transparent but also fully prepared to meet future challenges and facilitate growth.


Following the implementation of Vena by Delbridge, Big West Oil witnessed significant improvements in its budgeting and financial management processes. The transition to Vena not only streamlined operations but also introduced a level of efficiency and control previously unattainable. The benefits realized from this transformation are evident in several key areas of the company’s operations.

Enhanced Efficiency in Template Generation and Budget Workflow

  • Faster Template Generation: The creation of budget templates became significantly faster, enabling a more agile response to financial planning needs.
  • Streamlined Budget Workflow: Initiating and managing the budgeting process is now more efficient, with a systematic workflow that supports timely completion and review.

Operational Improvements and Future Planning

  • Operational Efficiencies: The overall budgeting process has seen considerable improvements in efficiency and control, reducing the time and effort required to manage financial planning.
  • Future Expansion: Big West Oil plans to extend the benefits of Vena into monthly financial processes, including reporting and reconciliation reviews, aiming for continuous improvement in financial management.

Improved Version and Access Control

  • Robust Version Control: The system now accurately tracks changes made to templates, ensuring transparency and accountability in the budgeting process.
  • Enhanced Access Control: Specific templates are now securely managed, with controlled access that maintains the integrity of the budgeting process and prevents unauthorized alterations.

”Template generation is much faster and kicking off a new budget workflow is very efficient.”

Jon Dahlin, Controller

Delbridge’s strategic and hands-on approach not only resolved Big West Oil’s immediate budgeting and financial planning challenges but also laid a foundation for ongoing improvement and scalability. Through their partnership, Big West Oil has achieved a more efficient, controlled, and transparent financial management process, poised for future growth and adaptability.

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