Roster Management

Roster Management streamlines resource organization by handling changes to positions, employee attributes, sales roles, and new hires/attritions, among other things.

What is Roster Management?

Roster management allows you to handle the resource structure by managing the changes in positions, modifications to the employee attributes, updates to the sales roles, accounting for new hires, attritions, and a lot more. This is very important for handling the territory and quota management of the present year, and territory and quota planning for the future period.

Uses of Roster management are:

  • Creating the roster attributes that will be used for management, reporting, and other downstream business logic.
  • Planning for the Employees in the Roster (both existing employees and new hires)
  • Managing and keeping track of the roster revisions based on Effective dates
  • Ensuring that the roster plan is ready for downstream processes

Benefits of Roster Management


  • Roster Management helps in understanding the availability of resources. This improves the flexibility of an organization to adapt to changes in the forecasting of resources
  • If a sales rep goes on vacation or is terminated, promoted, or transferred to a different territory, another rep can be assigned to the position
  • New hires that are available to take on new work can also be assigned to the position


Transparency of the real-time data about workforce availability helps managers pinpoint areas where costs can be trimmed and improve planning within an organization by providing a clear view of the resources that are available.

Accuracy and Reliability

Correct data would flow through to sales planning, incentive compensation planning, and payroll processing, thus avoiding wrong performance calculations.


A well-maintained Roster management maintains all the historical changes made to the workforce data and any movements can be tracked and used for legal or compliance purposes.

Best Practices for Roster Management

  1. Data Governance – The Roster data would go into various data structures. Proper data governance in place ensures that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and the time required for the data to flow into the downstream system after the Roster is updated. It is important for all the owners to have an end to end knowledge of the data flow
  2. Architecture – The roster not only acts as a source of truth for numerous downstream systems, but it also receives data from multiple data sources. These multiple data sources can cause issues of data redundancy or data consistency. It is highly recommended to plan the final structure of the roster and map every field to its upstream source system
  3. Security – The Roster Management process should be secure with ownership of the process in hands of only a few responsible members. Users should be shown only the data for their department and edit access should be provided to only the managers.

How Delbridge Can Help

With Delbridge, you can relax knowing that your roster management processes are in good hands. Our team of SPM experts will make sure you get the most out of Xactly, so you can focus on what really matters. We can help you simplify your roster management with Xactly through these steps:

  • Requirements Analysis: Delbridge will work with your organization to understand your roster management needs and design a customized solution using Xactly.
  • Implementation: Our team of experts will ensure a smooth and efficient implementation of Xactly’s roster management capabilities, taking into account your specific requirements and business processes.
  • Training and Onboarding: Delbridge will train and onboard your team to be experts in using Xactly’s roster management features, ensuring they are fully equipped to maximize their potential.
  • Best Practices: We will share best practices in roster management using Xactly, helping you optimize your processes and improve performance.
  • Ongoing Support: Delbridge will provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your Xactly implementation continues to meet your roster management needs.

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