Weekly Operational Reporting

Weekly Operational Reporting

CPM allows customization of dimensions to support different business-cycle reporting. Most CPM solutions provide customized periodic aggregation for the time dimension. However, due to the change in the number of weeks per calendar year, it is simpler to work with two different time dimensions to store historical accurately. With a customized setup of supporting dimensions, data collection, data analysis, and report designs, Weekly Operational Reporting are available in a CPM solution

Important Requirements to check for Weekly Reporting

Data Collection

Aside from key dimensions, isolating focus on the time dimension, data collection is key to setting up a weekly reporting module in a CPM solution. Most source systems store data by date and time at a transactional level hence giving the unlimited ability for CPM solution to slice and dice the data set. By building proper mapping between the source system and the CPM solution, it allows date-to-week and date-to-month conversion as per requirement. By separating transactional data and financial reporting data in a different cube, it allows performance to remain strong.

Data Aggregation

Time dimension needs dynamic aggregation between periods. For Weekly reporting, common aggregations found are week-to-date, month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date. By bringing in transactional details, it allows the CPM tool to consolidate data in different lengths of time allowing dynamic reporting and analysis of data.

Data Analytics

Through a built-in calculation engine, the CPM tool supports the business with complex analytics in the background. Without having to pull raw data into multiple excel files to manually push calculations, the CPM tool allows users to produce calculated results with the push of a button. This applies to general reporting, but highly effective when it comes to weekly reporting as the volume of data is bigger than monthly reporting.

Report Design

Multi-dimensionalities and proper set-up of data aggregation rules allow users to create complex pivoted reports with built-in report design wizards. Allowing recycling of reports for use of different periods and lengths of periods as well as different business units and purposes. By merging similar reports and adding dynamicity into the design, the CPM tool provides users efficiency and effectiveness in reporting cycles.

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