Credit Management

The crediting module streamlines credit assignment management. It is crucial to consider how crediting will be performed during territory and quota planning to ensure quota planning rules align with crediting rules.

What is Credit Management?

Crediting module helps in managing the credit assignments. It is important to keep in mind during territory and quota planning, how crediting will be done in the future so that the quota planning rules align with the crediting rules. Using the roster, territory, and quota information already available in the database, we can create crediting rules based on the dimensions and attributes of the raw data. It shows how orders should be credited and assists the assignment process.

Credit planning can be used for:

  • Handling splits and exceptions.
  • Setting up workflow-driven credit claims
  • Identify and explain the reasoning for unassigned accounts and/or other anomalies by creating error and validation reporting
  • Managing ongoing credit policies

Benefits of Credit Management

Manage Ongoing Credit Assignments

Once we have all the structure of people data, territories, and Quota assignments in place, we can leverage that to write crediting rules based on dimensions or based on attributes raw data.

Integration with Downstream Systems

Credit Management provides you with a singular place where you can identify how orders should be credited and actually affect the assignment process for those orders. You can load the order data credit management database, configure your credit assignment rules, and process and generate orders with assignees ready for the downstream systems.

Auditing Credit Transactions

  • The crediting module provides the feature of researching credit paths, verifying the credit rules, and resolving disputes
  • The auditing is beneficial as people often want to know the reason why they were credited and why they were not credited

Manual Crediting

Not all tasks can be automated for crediting. There could be some exceptions that require special attention and manual fixing. There could be some pre-credit or post-credit adjustments. So credit management provides the sales teams with the ability to manually edit credit transactions.

Unassigned Credits Review

  • Credit management helps in identifying if there are any unassigned credits or any gaps in the coverage strategy by providing a facility to review the order data and finding gaps that can prove important to the organization
  • The knowledge of gaps would help the sales ops in identifying some mistakes in the crediting rules or the underlying data

Best Practices Credit Management

  1. Hierarchies – As a Sales Ops person, you have to manage any kind of relationship between roles, people and the company that dictates how crediting should move from one credit to another, and how it should roll up to any alternative hierarchy. Sales ops must make sure that rules are created, and verified to meet the business requirements and are good to be used in compensation calculations.
  2. Overlays – Exceptional crediting relationships will also be created by Sales ops. It should be made sure that these crediting relationships and conditions have definitions aligned to the product or customer data and it precisely show the defined rules. It must be ensured that these exception scenarios do not result in over-allocation or un-estimated commission expense.
  3. Rules – Business rules should be transformed into definitions that can be used in compensation and planning cycles. The definitions will directly allocate the transactions based on Sales attributes or associated dimensions. These definitions should also describe how Sales align directly or indirectly with Territories.

How Delbridge Can Help

By partnering with Delbridge, your organization can have confidence in the implementation and effective use of Xactly’s credit management capabilities, improving the accuracy and reliability of your credit assignments. We can help you effectively implement credit management using Xactly by providing the following services:

  • Requirements Analysis: Delbridge will work with your organization to understand your credit management needs and design a customized solution using Xactly.
  • Implementation: Our team of experts will ensure a smooth and efficient implementation of Xactly’s credit management capabilities, taking into account your specific requirements and business processes.
  • Training and Onboarding: Delbridge will train and onboard your team to be experts in using Xactly’s credit management features, ensuring they are fully equipped to maximize their potential.
  • Best Practices: We will share best practices in credit management using Xactly, helping you optimize your processes and improve performance.
  • Ongoing Support: Delbridge will provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your Xactly implementation continues to meet your credit management needs.

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