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xactly implementation consulting

Delbridge – Leading Partner for Xactly’s Professional Services 

At Delbridge, our focus is customer satisfaction, hence our consultants are committed to helping our clients throughout the implementation cycle and transitioning to support ensuring an exceptional user experience. We partner with Xactly’s professional services Implementation and Consulting team which comprises consultants, compensation experts, project managers, and sales professionals.

The team operates across a wide variety of industries, including SaaS, consulting, financial services, and management consulting. We are a group of dedicated, highly motivated, self-reliant, and experienced individuals who can quickly adapt and thrive in a changing startup culture, with good business acumen in the SPM domain to handle complex project requirements.

We are one of the leading partners for Xactly capable of handling end-to-end project implementation such as Requirement gathering, configuration, SIT, UAT, deployment, and post-implementation support. We follow Xactly Standards and Best Practices during each phase of the project and emphasize delivering quality key documentation like Functional Requirement Documents, Integrated Design Documents, Ops Guide, etc.

Xactly Implementation Consulting

Delbridge is a proud partner of Xactly to implement Incent, Operational Sales Management (OSM), Analytics, Xactly Sales Planning, etc. We are your experts in SPM. Xactly helps organizations streamline their Sales Planning, Execution, and Optimization processes by providing the required tools to effectively manage sales performance.

Its comprehensive functionality, which includes Sales and Revenue Management, Territory and Quota Management, Workforce Management, Incentive Compensation Management, and Profitability Management, provides organizations with a solution that supports the end-to-end sales performance life cycle; automating processes for the Offices of Sales, HR and Finance.

Delbridge has a group of certified and experienced consultants who help Xactly’s clients in Designing and implementing the best-in-class SPM solutions using key Xactly tools and modules like Incent, Operational Sales Management (OSM), Analytics, Credit Assignment, Xactly Sales Planning, etc. along with seamless integration with existing ERP tools and technologies using their SQL based ETL tool called Xactly Connect.

Xactly Market Planning | Xactly Sales Planning

Xactly Sales Planning offers sales coverage and capacity planning in an automated manner along with dynamic dashboards offering visibility to monitor sales performance and link planning to execution. It also offers uses predictive AI along with data integration to predict key indicators like ideal quotas, seasonality in sales, and ramp-up times for Sales Reps, hence empowering the customer to optimize the Sales plan.

Xactly Market Planning | Operational Sales Management (OSM)

Operational Sales Management offers a platform for Roster and territory management along with quota and credit management. With OSM, clients can have customizable dashboards to track performance, along with seamless integration avoiding manual intervention, hence eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual activities.

Xactly Sales Compensation Management | Xactly Incent and Analytics

Xactly Incent allows clients to create and manage compensation plans with the ability to reuse elements like rules, quotas, and rate tables. The tool also offers features like Document Management and Workflows which can be used to route plan documents or manage payment inquiries through well-defined workflows. Xactly Incent offers standard out-of-the-box reports as well as offer option to create customizable reports and dashboards for Admin and end-user using Analytics. The product can be seamlessly integrated with CRM, ERP, and HCM systems to deliver automated compensation solutions providing real-time data to the end user for better motivation.

Xactly Process Extension and Automation | Xactly Connect

Xactly Connect is an ANSI SQL-based ETL tool that can seamlessly integrate with modern and existing technologies such as ERP, CRM, HCM, payroll, etc. The tool offers an interactive web UI for ease-to-use the tool. The standard SQL language which is easily understandable by most IT teams helps reduce the time to learn and own the Integration space.

Xactly Process Extension and Automation | Xactly Show Me

Xactly ShowMe consists of Guides to help end Users and Admins follow directions and important information to accomplish a specific task. It also helps to monitor content utilization by segmenting users and identifying their behavior and trends. ShowMe also offers notifications to end users to circulate critical information among targeted audiences.

About Xactly SPM Suite

Xactly’s comprehensive sales performance management (SPM) suite uses data from the AI platform to provide timely insights across the entire SPM value chain, from sales planning to execution, including compensation and optimization. Our goal is to transform sales performance management from a dark art to a science by providing decision-makers with the data they need to harness the motivational power of their reward compensation. With access to predictive analytics and benchmark data, businesses can now optimize territories, develop the right reward and incentive plans, and accelerate the achievement and optimization of sales figures.

About Delbridge SPM Team

Delbridge is a multi-tenant cloud provider of enterprise-class incentive compensation solutions for employee performance and sales. We help our clients solve the most important problem for them, which is to motivate their employees and align their behavior with the goals of the company.
Our solutions enable organizations to make more informed strategic decisions, optimize behavior, increase sales and employee productivity, increase margins, increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, develop more effective incentive compensation plans, and reduce errors in incentive compensation calculations.

We have achieved a good position through industry expertise and innovative technology. We offer our solutions within the software as a service (SaaS) business model. On average, we reduce the time that passes between customers and their decision (sales cycle) by an average of 45 days, helping you see results faster and more efficiently. We have also helped Xactly implementation consulting customers achieve benefits such as a 90% reduction in reimbursement processing times and a 50% increase in the efficiency of the administrative staff supporting these processes – increasing product confidence. We drive sales success with deep Xactly implementation consulting experience.

Delbridge Solutions assists clients in sales performance management and advises clients in end-to-end sales performance management, including sales planning, sales operations, sales forecasting, compensation, finance, and IT. We are trained and certified in several SPM disciplines, specializing in project planning, requirements-based vendor selection, implementation services, and post-deployment support.

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Delbridge is a privately held global company with offices in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, and Romania.

Delbridge Solutions specializes in providing Corporate Performance Management, Sales Performance Management, and Data & Software Engineering.



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