SPM Managed Services

SPM Managed Services is a comprehensive suite of services designed to support clients in all aspects of their product implementation and ongoing operations. Our managed services team offers support for training and guidance to admins, resolving issues, identifying areas for improvement, handling new requirements and enhancements, plan changes, year-end movements, data integration and ETL support, reporting and analytics, and power and end-user training.


Post Go Live, our managed services team works with the customer to:

  • Train and guide Admins about the product for a seamless transition.
  • Assist in resolving any issues/changes that were not identified during Implementation.
  • Identify any room for improvement which can be implemented in the next upgrade.

New Requirements / Enhancements

Any new requirement or enhancement to the existing configuration can be handled by our managed services team, thus saving a lot of time for the clients which go into documentation, identifying teams, etc.

Plan Changes

Our managed services team works with our clients to:

  • Ensure that any modification to an existing plan is modified accordingly in the system.
  • Make sure that any new plan being introduced by the client is also configured in the system to maintain continuity and avoid manual efforts.

Year-End Movements

Our managed services team works with our clients to:

  • Guide them towards key aspects that need to be included as part of year-end changes.
  • Assist them in moving year-dependent objects in the system following the company standards for scalability and long-term sustainability of the system.

Data Integration and ETL Support

Our managed services team works with our clients to:

  • Support, troubleshoot, and provide resolution to any data-related issue in the application.
  • Modify existing mapping to bring in additional data and support any new configuration/changes to existing configuration or reporting needs.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any process failure or automation failure.

Reporting and Analytics

Our managed services team works with our clients to:

  • Update existing reports based on any modification made to the system.
  • Create new reports needed for better decision-making by the customer.
  • Guidance on reporting and analytics to Admins and end users.

Power and End User Training

 Besides project-related work, our managed services team also offers various pieces of training:

  • Quick product walkthrough: Designed to introduce the application at a high level to the client.
  • Detailed Admin courses: Designed to train Admins on key features of the application in detail.
  • Module/Feature-specific training: Designed to train Admins on any specific feature or module of the application.

How Delbridge Can Help

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to assisting your organization in optimizing the use of Xactly Managed Services, resulting in improved efficiency, productivity, and overall business performance. If you need help with ongoing management, we are here to provide you with customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Delbridge understands that businesses today need advanced tools and technologies to stay ahead in the highly competitive marketplace. As a trusted partner, we are committed to providing the best-in-class Xactly Managed Services, offering businesses comprehensive support and guidance in utilizing Xactly’s advanced tools and capabilities. With years of experience in managing and optimizing Xactly’s suite of services, we have the expertise to help your organization take advantage of Xactly’s cutting-edge technology and gain a competitive edge.

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