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With 300+ clients, leading solution partners, decades of combined experience, and a team of expert consultants, Delbridge has developed a Vendor Selection Process to offer objective recommendations for financial systems that best suit our clients’ unique needs. We have partnered up with the leading Corporate Performance Management solution vendors which include VenaCCH TagetikProphixAdaptive InsightsIBMOracle, and many more. As we implement each of these platforms, we know their strengths, weaknesses, and which business needs they are best suited to address. This is why we are uniquely positioned to help you find the right budgeting, forecasting, reporting, or consolidation solution!

Our Proven Methodology

1. Analysis and Requirements

Gather and document business and technical requirements

Elicit requirements by planning/reporting modules

Identify relevant market trends and emerging technologies

Create an evaluation framework

2. Vendor Identification Process

Identify potential vendors taking into account the functional, technical, and commercial criteria defined in the previous step

Shortlist 2-3 preferred vendors and initiate communication

3. Evaluation of Top Vendors

Coordinate a formal response from top vendors that includes solution cost (software, training, implementation, and maintenance)

Facilitate presentations, demos, Proofs-of-Concept to demonstrate the feasibility

Coordinate reference checks and obtains insights from other organizations

4. Selection of Preferred Vendor

Rank the vendors based on the “Evaluation of Top Vendors” step

Write a final recommendation report that includes the scoring and reasons for the final vendor choice

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