Budgeting done right for Law Firms – WEBINAR

Here are some of the key aspects our colleague, Harjot Ghai, is discussing with our long-term partners, CCH Tagetik!

Law firms are unique when it comes to budgeting expenses and timekeeper revenue. Excel has its own limitations and many budgeting solutions in the market cannot be tailored to meet the requirements of law firms. CCH Tagetik has listened to the market and partnered with legal industry leaders like Delbridge Solutions to create a solution that law firms can implement very quickly while still addressing their industry-specific requirements. 

We are also discussing how CCH Tagetik has been implemented successfully at many law firms to manage expenses, WIP, realization, and timekeeper revenue. 

  • What are common issues law firms face when looking for the right budgeting solution to replace Excel? 
  • How can my GL/ERP data integrate with new budgeting solution? 
  • Why CCH Tagetik should be the go-to solution for law firms

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