IBM Cognos TM1 has further enhanced its features for an improved user experience with its latest release, TM1 10.2. Some of the existing functionality that current TM1 users are familiar with includes:

  • Powerful planning and analysis with a 64-bit, in memory OLAP server capable of consolidating huge volumes of data
  • Enterprise level planning and analysis capable of supporting concurrent read / write activity of up to 10,000 named users
  • ‘On The Fly’ scenario planning using built-in sandboxes
  • Guided modeling environment to empower business users
  • Multiple online and offline interfaces, including Excel
  • Integrates with IBM Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM), Business Intelligence (BI) and SPSS to provide an end to end Business Analytics solution

So What’s New with 10.2?

TM1 10.2 includes even more robust features to its existing software platform in addition to bug fixes from its previous release. Some of the key features that have been added to TM1 10.2 include:

  • TM1 in the Cloud- Provides all the functionality of the on-premise solution with optional cloud-based deployment
  • Mobile ready – Mobile iOS Client for iPhone / iPad
  • Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel (CAFÉ) – Provides better performance for report retrieval and includes write-back capability
  • Scorecard Capabilities – Measures progress toward organizational goals by monitoring performance based on key metrics
  • Multi-Threaded Query – Improves query processing time for large amounts of data
  • Improved Performance Modeler – Enables the development and deployment of even the most complex planning and analysis models
  • Simplified Web Infrastructure –Allows IT to support server side of TM1 more easily with improved stability
  • More Flexible Application Workflow – Allows multiple contributors can now be assigned to the same approval, eliminating the need to create multiple approval hierarchies


For Existing Clarity Users, Here’s how we can help:

If you are using IBM Clarity 6/7 and considering migrating to a new solution, then Cognos TM1 might be the perfect fit for your organization. Delbridge Solutions has the largest dually-trained Clarity & TM1 consulting team in the industry, including the most senior solutions architects from both the Clarity and TM1 services team. The majority of our consultants and executives are former Clarity Systems and IBM Business Analytics Services employees. Based on our expertise, we understand how to best leverage your existing investment in Clarity when migrating to TM1. In addition, we have developed best of breed TM1 solutions to incorporate into your implementation

  • Workforce Planning
  • Capital Planning
  • Version Management