Remote Project Delivery

Remote Project Delivery

The COVID-19 impact continues to be devastating and has caused businesses to quickly pivot to a completely or partially remote workforce. Working remotely creates a new set of challenges that are being amplified as it affects how teams work and communicate.

At Delbridge, we have enforced work from home policies for all our employees. With the right mindset, structure, and strategies to enhance communication and build team cohesion, delivering the completion of a successful project will not be a concern. Here is how Delbridge delivers projects effectively with an established remote workforce.


Prior to the pandemic, Delbridge has been providing remote training to clients overseas. Delbridge has various instructional resources and teaching methods in order to deliver content effectively. The live video conferencing gives the personal touch users need to build a strong virtual connection. The hands-on labs allow clients to solidify the understanding of the product, its features, and best practices. Instructors will tackle each lab to ensure all students have a clear idea of the concepts.

Pre-planning Phase:

Delbridge will review the implementation methodology with the client so they will understand the various phases of the project, how it will be delivered, the team and their prospective roles so the customer can assemble subject-matter experts for the project. The Delbridge team will provide a list of required materials including sample data files to allow for a smooth transition into the project kick-off.


With the power of the internet, we can hop on Zoom and collaborate with our clients as if we were in the same room. Meetings are conducted on a regular basis between the client and the team to regularly monitor the status of activities and deliverables to ensure no obstacles during the project development phase. Additional meetings are planned during certain stages of the project such as bi-weekly/daily check-ins during UAT.


Strong communication is crucial during these unprecedented times. If the content is not effectively communicated through video chat or emails, it may result in miscommunications and misinterpretations as they are common when working remotely. When concerns are expressed in advance, appropriate actions can be taken before the issues impact the overall project delivery.


Establish clear security protocols for utilizing all client information and their resources.

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