Transforming Financial Management at IFF: A Case Study on Vena Implementation by Delbridge


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IFF is an organization dedicated to supporting nonprofits through community-centered lending and real estate solutions. They focus on financing services, investments in low-income communities, and data analysis for resource allocation. However, IFF faced challenges in its financial management processes due to the reliance on offline spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting. This method lacked connectivity to real-time data, leading to inefficiencies and limitations in their financial operations.

IFF’s Challenges Before Vena

Offline Management of Budgeting

  • Budgeting and forecasting were conducted without real-time data integration.
  • Reliance on manual spreadsheets made processes time-consuming and error-prone.

Limited Connectivity to Live Data

  • Inability to access or incorporate live financial data in decision-making.
  • Hindered timely and accurate financial analysis and reporting.

Operational Inefficiencies

  • Manual processes led to operational delays and inefficiencies.
  • Difficulty in consolidating financial data across various departments.

Collaboration and Transparency

  • Lack of a centralized system impeded effective collaboration among team members.
  • Transparency in financial processes was limited, affecting strategic planning and execution.

Delbridge’s Approach

Delbridge’s implementation involved integrating IFF’s ERP system, Sage Intacct, with Vena. This integration allowed for the creation of a robust data model, essential for transitioning IFF’s entire budgeting process to a centralized system. The key feature of this system was its ability to provide live updates and real-time financial data, ensuring a dynamic and responsive budgeting environment.

The process was marked by a close partnership between Delbridge and IFF, focusing on understanding IFF’s unique business structure and needs. Delbridge played a significant role as a strategic partner, not just an implementer, helping IFF develop a Vena model that was comprehensive for their current reporting needs and also scalable for future growth.

Implementation was smooth. We partnered with experts at Delbridge who invested the time to understand our business and infrastructure. They were great thought partners and helped us develop a model in Vena that is expansive enough to meet our current reporting needs and scalable to accommodate organizational growth.

Kyle Wong, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

The implementation process of Vena for IFF by Delbridge was comprehensive and involved several strategic phases:

  1. Intensive Collaboration and Analysis: Initially, Delbridge’s team engaged in a thorough collaboration with IFF to understand their specific operational and financial structures. This phase included detailed analysis sessions, workshops, and meetings to dissect IFF’s existing processes and identify key areas for improvement.
  2. Customization of Vena for Comprehensive Coverage: Delbridge tailored the Vena solution to be comprehensive, ensuring it aligned precisely with IFF’s diverse financial processes. This step involved customizing the software’s functionalities to match IFF’s specific budgeting, forecasting, and reporting requirements.
  3. Scalability and Future-Proofing: A significant focus was placed on ensuring the Vena system’s scalability. The system was designed to not only meet the current needs of IFF but also to accommodate future growth and changes in financial management practices. This foresight was essential for maintaining the longevity and effectiveness of the system.
  4. System Integration and Data Migration: Delbridge managed the integration of Vena with IFF’s existing ERP system, Sage Intacct. This process included careful data migration, ensuring data integrity and consistency throughout the transition.
  5. Training and Change Management: Recognizing the importance of user adoption, Delbridge provided comprehensive training and support to IFF’s staff. This included hands-on training sessions, creation of user guides, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition and effective use of the new system.
  6. Continuous Improvement and Feedback Loop: Post-implementation, Delbridge maintained an ongoing relationship with IFF to gather feedback, provide updates, and make continuous improvements to the system. This approach ensured that the Vena solution remained aligned with IFF’s evolving needs.

Through these meticulous steps, Delbridge’s expertise played a critical role in transforming IFF’s financial management into a system that was not only more efficient and transparent but also well-equipped for future challenges and growth.


Post-implementation of Vena by Delbridge, IFF experienced significant benefits. The budgeting process became notably more transparent and accessible, addressing a major challenge they previously faced. Additionally, there was a deeper level of engagement with colleagues, fostering a more inclusive and insightful financial planning environment. The scalability of the new system was a key outcome, ensuring that IFF’s reporting capabilities could evolve and expand in line with organizational growth.

Enhanced Transparency and Accessibility

  • Improved clarity in the budgeting process.
  • Easier access to financial data and reports.

Deeper Employee Engagement

  • Increased participation in financial planning.
  • Enhanced sharing of insights and data among team members.

Improved Scalability

  • System’s adaptability for future growth.
  • Ability to handle increasing data and complexity.

Our budgeting process is much more transparent and accessible. We’ve been able to engage colleagues at a deeper level and share insights into the process beyond what was originally possible. Our new system is also infinitely more scalable and will allow our reporting capabilities to continue to evolve, even as our organization grows.

Kyle Wong, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

The implementation of Vena at IFF, facilitated by Delbridge, marked a successful transformation of the organization’s financial management processes. This partnership not only enhanced the efficiency and transparency of IFF’s operations but also set a foundation for continual growth and adaptability in their financial planning and reporting systems.

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