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Challenges Before Vena

Quartile faced significant challenges in financial management due to a reliance on disconnected Excel files. This led to inefficiencies in reporting and forecasting. The lack of structured data, arising from multiple disparate sources including QuickBooks and Salesforce, necessitated labor-intensive processes to maintain data accuracy and consistency. These manual tasks were not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, adversely affecting financial analysis and planning.

Reliance on Offline Excel

Unstructured Data

Multiple Data Sources

Manual Processes

Delbridge’s Approach

In addressing Quartile’s unique challenges, we tailored our approach by developing and implementing two specialized data models: the Financial Planning Model and the Workforce Planning Model. These models were seamlessly integrated with Quartile’s existing QuickBooks and Salesforce systems. This strategic integration aimed to streamline Quartile’s operations, transforming their data management and forecasting capabilities into a cohesive, efficient system that leveraged their existing data sources more effectively.

”The Delbridge team were excellent partners and made significant efforts to learn our business model and processes.”

Jeff Schulte, Director of Finance

The implementation strategy was characterized by its focus on Quartile’s specific requirements, ensuring that the new system aligned perfectly with their operational goals. The integration of QuickBooks and Salesforce with Vena was pivotal, enabling a unified platform for accurate and rapid financial forecasting and reporting. Delbridge’s expertise with Vena facilitated a seamless transition, empowering Quartile with advanced tools for data-driven decision-making.

Customized Implementation Strategy

Seamless Data Integration and Model Design

Partnership and Expert Guidance

The expertise and knowledge Delbridge brought to the table regarding the Vena platform were instrumental in ensuring a smooth and successful implementation, demonstrating a partnership approach that was both effective and closely aligned with Quartile’s objectives.


Following the implementation of Vena, Quartile experienced a remarkable transformation in reporting and forecasting accuracy and speed. The manual, error-prone processes were significantly reduced, enabling the FP&A team to devote more time to analyzing business performance. The use of Vena allowed for real-time updates and scenario planning during the annual planning process, empowering Quartile to make swift, data-driven decisions.

The shift from manual, disjointed processes to a streamlined, data-driven platform has not only resolved Quartile’s initial challenges but also positioned them for future success through continuous innovation and efficiency improvement.

Accelerated Reporting and Forecasting

  • Increased Speed and Accuracy: Transition to Vena significantly enhanced the speed and accuracy of Quartile’s reporting and forecasting processes.
  • Reduced Manual Efforts: Substantial reduction in time spent on manual, error-prone tasks.

Enhanced Strategic Planning

  • Real-Time Scenario Planning: Enabled dynamic, real-time updates and scenario analysis during annual planning.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Empowered FP&A team to support business decisions with robust, data-backed insights.

Future Technology Integration

  • Power BI Integration: Plans to integrate Power BI for advanced analytics, leveraging financial data within Vena for comprehensive internal reporting.

”The team’s knowledge and expertise with the Vena platform made for a successful implementation.”

Jeff Schulte, Director of Finance

Looking ahead, Quartile aims to further enhance their financial analytics capabilities by integrating Power BI with their Vena platform, promising even more sophisticated insights for strategic business management.

How We Can Help You

If you are already using Vena…

  • We can review your existing Vena implementation and make recommendations for performance improvements and best practices
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  • We can help your organization with deploying Vena for additional phases
  • We can provide ongoing production support as required
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If you want to transition to Vena…

  • Our consulting team can help your organization with implementing Vena using best practices
  • If you are evaluating Vena, our team can help you understand how it differs from other CPM solutions
  • Our sales team can provide you with an ‘under the hood’ workshop when evaluating Vena
  • We can introduce you to our clients so you can directly speak to other
  • End-to-end Vena Implementation and Consulting for your solution.

Vena Implementation and Consulting

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