Best Solutions for Data Privacy in 2021

best solutions for data privacy

Finding the solution to fix all your data privacy concerns can be difficult, as a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration. However, rather than watching countless demos and evaluations, we’re offering you the alternative: we find the best solutions for data privacy for you!

How does this process work? We give you a free evaluation of your company’s data privacy concerns and issues. After that, we take it upon ourselves to find the best solutions for data privacy that answer all your questions, fix all your issues and make sure you’re in compliance with the existing sets of regulations in your area.

The best solutions for data privacy in 2021 are the ones that works best with your sets of data while addressing your most important issues. Without a 1-on-1 free consultation, we can’t recommend you the best vendor, but we can definitely show you what makes our partners, Data Sentinel, unique:

What Makes Data Sentinel Unique?

Purpose-Built AI / ML

Our AI/ML purpose-built application learns and improves as time goes on.

Policy-Led Reporting

Alerts you of data policy infractions throughout the entire information management lifecycle.

Fast and Scalable

Data Sentinel is infinitely scalable. Engineered to perform in large and complex organizations.

Scans All Data

We scan every data element. Structured, semi-structured, unstructured, images – all sources, all locations.

Always On

We monitor and alert you of sensitive data policy infractions in near real-time with our persistent monitoring architecture.


Data Sentinel is designed to be integrated into GRC Applications, Privacy Management Systems, and Data Governance platforms. 

Sensitive Data

You define what sensitive data means for your organization. PII/PHI, Trade Secrets, Employee Data, Operational Information.

Zero Data Movement

The data does not move and is not changed in any way.

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